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Talking Out Loud

Brand Identity Design


Podcast Hosts


To showcase my graphic design skills, I embarked on a self-directed project: developing a complete brand identity for a fictional podcast. I envisioned a podcast geared towards young people on their own coming-of-age journey's and sought to create a visual identity that would resonate with that demographic.


After defining the target audience, I researched popular podcasts within the genre to identify design trends and competitive differentiation points. This research phase informed the logo design, a playful typographic wordmark to maximize brand awareness. I then developed a color scheme of rich, inviting tones to match the podcast's vibe. To further establish the brand aesthetic, I created a cover image utilizing a combination of photography and graphic elements to deliver a visually compelling first impression. Finally, I established a font guide outlining the fonts that would ensure consistent branding across all platforms.

The final brand identity delivers a cohesive and audience-specific visual language for the fictional podcast. The logo, color scheme, cover image, and font guide all work in harmony to create a memorable and professional brand experience. This self-directed project demonstrates my ability to translate abstract concepts into clear and effective visual communication.

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