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Samantha Soto Real Estate

Brand Identity Design


Samantha Soto


Samantha approached me to develop a brand identity for her real estate career. She specifically requested a feminine brand that would resonate with first-home buyers and incorporate Windermere Real Estate's "Windermere Blue" primary color.


To create Samantha's brand identity, I began by conducting a comprehensive consultation to understand her values and goals. Based on this information, I developed a custom icon and word mark that reflects her industry and personal brand. I also incorporated a key and key-tag symbol, which represent her line of work. The typography system was customized to match her passion for helping her clients, creating a cohesive and personalized brand identity.

Samantha was extremely pleased with the outcome of the project and had no revisions. I provided her with hi-res files of the logo suite, typography system, and color guide, as well as uniquely branded business card designs. The final brand identity I created helped Samantha establish a professional image that resonates with her target audience, enabling her to launch her real estate career with confidence and style.

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