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Salt & Society

Brand Identity Design


Rachel Leonard


Rachel approached me with a unique vision to create a charming brand that would resonate with pop culture fans across the country. She wanted a memorable name and visual identity that would capture the essence of her brand. We worked with Rachel to develop a name that was not only catchy but also reflective of her brand's personality.


With the name finalized, I set to work on creating a unique brand identity. I developed a custom logo mark that was both eye-catching and reflective of Rachel's brand values. A carefully curated color scheme and versatile typography system were also developed to ensure brand consistency across all marketing materials. In addition, I provided alternative marks and print-ready files for business cards and other collateral.

Salt & Society was launched with its new brand identity, and the results were immediate. Customers across the country responded positively to the brand's playful personality and unique products. The brand has been successful from the start, and after nearly three years in business, Salt & Society continues to thrive, garnering a loyal customer base and gaining recognition in the pop culture market. My branding efforts helped to establish a strong foundation for Salt & Society's success, and I am thrilled to have played a part in helping Rachel bring her vision to life.

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