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In-House Graphic Designer


Patient Rewards Hub™


At Practice Genius, I thrived in a fast-paced environment, seamlessly juggling diverse digital and print projects. I consistently delivered high-quality assets on time and kept all departments informed, ensuring smooth project flow. My captivating After Effects animations not only engaged users but also boosted app engagement and sales conversions. Recognizing the need for efficiency, I implemented over a dozen shared Mac Shortcuts, increasing team productivity by 15%. My collaborative spirit and keen eye for detail allowed me to translate brand visions into impactful visuals for numerous projects, including new product launches, marketing campaigns, and client materials. My commitment to design excellence resulted in exceeding expectations and receiving recognition for bridging the gap between creative concept and successful execution.


My design process begins with thorough research and understanding of the client's needs and target audience. I then brainstorm and sketch various concepts, iterating and refining them through collaboration with stakeholders. After receiving feedback, I translate the final concept into a high-quality visual, ensuring brand consistency and delivering the final asset on time and within budget.

My work at Practice Genius has resulted in numerous positive outcomes. My efficient project management directly contributed to a 10% reduction in project turnaround time. My animations led to a 20% increase in app engagement, while my marketing materials played a key role in a 15% boost in sales conversions. Perhaps most importantly, my work has been consistently praised by clients and colleagues for exceeding expectations and delivering impactful visuals that align perfectly with brand identity.

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