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More Fun Together

Typography & Apparel Design


2's Day Collections


2's Day Collections, a local business, approached me to design merchandise featuring their motto, "More Fun Together." They sought a vibrant, playful design suitable for screen printing or embroidery. The project began with the client outlining their vision, including their slogan "More Fun Together," desired aesthetic of "bubbly colorful cuteness," and specific color preferences.


I then presented a mood board showcasing bold lettering and playful illustrations, which aligned perfectly with their vision. Their feedback confirmed the direction and provided additional color options, allowing me to refine the design further. Building upon this collaboration, I introduced the concept of "More Fun 2gether," a playful nod to their brand name "2's Day Collections," which they enthusiastically embraced. Finally, I incorporated their feedback and ensured the design was suitable for various printing methods, resulting in a final product that exceeded their expectations.

The project culminated in a final design that surpassed the client's expectations and perfectly embodied their brand's personality. They are currently reviewing printing quotes and are on track to move into production soon. Furthermore, I provided them with both vector and social media-friendly variations of the design to ensure its versatility for future use.

This experience showcased my ability to collaborate effectively, develop creative solutions, and deliver high-quality results. Throughout the process, I actively engaged with the client, ensuring a clear understanding of their vision and seamlessly incorporating their feedback into the design. The "More Fun 2gether" concept, a playful nod to their brand name, added a unique and personal touch to the final product, reflecting their brand identity in a creative and memorable way. The final design not only boasted visual appeal but also maintained technical soundness, ensuring its suitability for various printing methods.

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