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King Julian

King Julian


King Julian, a local rock band, approached me to develop a new logo and design merchandise reflecting their energetic stage presence and unique sound. They desired a bold and eye-catching design that resonated with their existing fan base and attracted new listeners.


I met with the band to discuss their vision, musical influences, and target audience. They shared reference images for logos and apparel designs they admired. I created the following images in collaboration with the bandmates, Nolan, Sterling, Hunter, and Matt, and creative guru Kiley Clisham. I presented several logo design options, incorporating feedback on style, color palette, and imagery. Once the logo was finalized, I explored various apparel design ideas that complemented the logo and embodied the band's energy. I refined the designs based on the band's feedback, ensuring they were visually appealing and translated well to different merchandise formats. I delivered the final logo and apparel designs in various formats suitable for print and web use.

The final logo and apparel designs were met with great enthusiasm from the band. The logo effectively captured their essence and is now used on their website, social media platforms, and promotional materials. The band has successfully launched their merchandise line, further strengthening their brand identity and connecting with their fans.

This project showcased my ability to:
• Collaborate with diverse clients: I effectively communicated with the band members,
understanding their vision and translating it into a cohesive visual representation.
• Design across mediums: I created a cohesive brand identity by designing both the logo and apparel,
ensuring consistency and visual impact across different platforms.
• Deliver client-oriented solutions: I actively incorporated the band's feedback throughout the process,
resulting in designs that exceeded their expectations.

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