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Biker's Dozen

Merch Design for local biking group


Margaret Woley


The Biker's Dozen project involved creating a custom t-shirt graphic for a local biking group consisting of 13 adults and children. The client requested a playful design incorporating both donuts and a bicycle to represent their group's unique identity.


I began with a series of sketches to explore different concepts that combined the elements of donuts and a bike. After presenting the initial ideas, we went through two rounds of revisions, fine-tuning the details and colors to perfectly capture the group's spirit and preferences.

The final design was a vibrant and whimsical graphic that delighted the biking group. The t-shirts featured a fun, eye-catching design that beautifully blended the themes of cycling and donuts, resulting in a memorable and cohesive merch design for the Biker's Dozen.

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