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Abby M Larson is a graphic designer, illustrator, & creative thinker based in the heart of Seattle.  

Hi & Welcome to my site! Big thanks to YOU for taking the time to learn more about me and my business.

From an early age, I was drawn to digital media and beautiful design. As I grew up, graphic design became the natural career path for myself and I have never questioned that this is my calling. I work hard to strengthen my skillset, expand my network, and nourish my creative energy.


I spent over three and a half years working as a graphic designer for Washington State University and a handful of independent small businesses in Pullman, Washington. In May of 2020, I moved to Seattle and started freelancing for various small businesses, both locally and remotely. 

I create stunning designs for businesses & individuals so they can crush their goals and grow their brand. 

Meet my Executive Assistant, Anna!

My sister Anna and I have been business partners since childhood, when we started a neighborhood babysitting camp. Her methodical, detail-oriented approach is the perfect ying to my yang. Anna is a  graduate of the University of Denver and is now living back in beautiful Seattle. With a background in both finance and marketing, she balances out our skills as a team.


As someone who is passionate about helping others, Anna works to bring your creative vision to life by communicating with you each step of the way and keeping everything organized behind the scenes!


Recent Projects

Take a look at some of my favorite brand projects.